Behind The Name

Every summer the dragonflies flock to our back yard. Beautiful and colorful, these delicate creatures are believed to bring hope, good luck and prosperity. 

As soon as spring begins to bud, not only are we looking forward to warmer days and being outside, we also are anxiously awaiting the return of the dragonflies.

Everyone who comes to our home is fascinated by the dragonflies. They land on our hats, our hands, our toes, our drinks, everywhere!  They aren’t afraid of us and they will sometimes linger with someone as long as 30 minutes. By summer’s end, we can even distinguish the frequent visitors and notice how their once perfect wings have become tattered by the winds.

It is amazing to watch people’s faces light up when a dragonfly lands on them. The smile is genuine and we always say, great things are coming your way!

So, when our family decided to create our candle company, we wanted a name that held special meaning. There was no doubt what the name would be, Dragonfly Fragrances came easily. It holds a special meaning to us and to all who visit our home.

So each time we light a candle, we smile and think of the dragonflies and feel a sense of hope and prosperity and we hope that you will feel the same when welcoming one of our dragonfly candles into your home.